Indigenous Knowledge Systems: Learning From Traditional Wisdom

Indigenous Knowledge Systems: Learning From Traditional Wisdom – Let’s approach IKS notes differently. Rather than speaking generally about how the world’s 400 million indigenous peoples (UNESCO) approach knowledge acquisition, I would like to focus on a single group of indigenous peoples: the Ojibwe of North America. Indigenous groups are unique.

The Ojibwe are the indigenous people I grew up with, so I have had many experiences learning about and sometimes participating in their culture.

Indigenous Knowledge Systems: Learning From Traditional Wisdom

These notes focus more on what might be called “traditional Ojibwe culture.” Modern Ojibwe people vary in the degree to which they call themselves “traditional” or the degree to which they are influenced by traditional ways of knowing. And this is important. Some Ojibwe people rarely use IKS, while others use it a lot. And those who use the traditional IKS Ojibwe approach will still rely on reason, emotion, and intuition as much as anyone else.

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An example is Dr. Patricia Clark-Capo, the woman pictured on the right. She is an obstetrician-gynecologist in Colorado. But she is also a member of the Ojibwe people, having grown up on the White Earth Indian Reservation.

For the original Ojibwe people, the meaning of life was inextricably linked to their understanding of creation (Canadian First Nations art). The Creator (known as Kitsch-Manitou) created the universe and then gave humanity similar abilities. Bringing vision to life and bringing it to life (Canadian Indigenous Art).

IKS can be tricky because it can be difficult for non-Indigenous people to know exactly what approaches are used in Indigenous cultures. Some of this difficulty is worth it. According to a note from an Ojibwe writer:

Many of our communities are losing their culture, language, and stories at an alarming rate. At the same time, some communities have taboos about when stories should be told, what teachings should be shared, and what teachings should not be shared. (Walking towards divinity).

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