Eco-tourism: Preserving Fragile Ecosystems – Traveling broadens the mind. We can learn about new places and people, and in doing so, we learn about ourselves. Yet, it is essential that we do not allow animals, nature and the planet as a whole to pay the price for our experiences.

This is where ecotourism, sustainable travel and responsible travel all play a vital role. While responsible and sustainable travel requires traveling mindfully, ecotourism is a way to preserve the natural world as we learn about it. It allows us a more sustainable, kind and thoughtful way of traveling as we strive for conservation, preservation and protection.

Eco-tourism: Preserving Fragile Ecosystems

You may already be thinking about some aspects of ecotourism. You may want to think about how to limit your carbon footprint as you travel or look for tour operators with great eco credentials.

What Is Ecotourism? Definition, Examples, Pros And

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