Literary Journeys: Exploring Writers’ Homes And Museums – When visiting the Reading Branch Library there’s no telling what discoveries you might find. Some customers explore new stories in the latest books and magazines, others attend events such as a children’s crafting workshop, and some customers, such as Greg Stallworth, wrote their own books.

As a longtime customer of the Reading Branch Library, Greg is familiar with the library staff. “I live in the Roselawn area. Being here at the Reading Branch Library has become personal. I’ve watched it grow over the years, “said Greg, “I remember the old Reading Branch, and when the Library decided to expand it into a bigger building, it got better. I call this place my home away from home. My second home.”

Literary Journeys: Exploring Writers’ Homes And Museums

Walking the corridors, it was clear that Greg knew every nook and cranny of the building. … Read the rest