Eco-friendly Packing Tips For Travelers

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Travel is inherently unsustainable, so offset your adventures by choosing these sustainable, durable and ethical products to replace your gear over time.

Eco-friendly Packing Tips For Travelers

Our packing list tool allows you to customize this list to your exact needs. You can add specific products, adjust the size and keep an eye on the total weight and price directly from our website. Sign up for a free account or go pro for extra features & deals.

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Maybe you can drive a plug-in or not at all. You can observe Meatless Mondays and further reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating meat from your other meals. Or maybe you have a love for this planet we share and want to take action, big or small, to keep it healthy for the next generation and beyond.

Whatever your reason, we’ve put together a sustainable packing list to help you on your eco-friendly journey. While it’s certainly not eco-friendly jetting by plane (flying 2,500 miles round-trip in the United States equates to 1.5 metric tons of carbon emissions per passenger, according to Flight Free USA’s flight emissions calculator), we think there are lessons to be learned from sustainable travel. Additionally, some airlines are working hard to offset their carbon footprint and reduce their emissions with each passing year, and while it may not be perfect, they are on the right track.

Because we as individuals can always do more, we’re here to help you reduce your carbon footprint with the gear you buy before you leave home.

This packing list will help you create less waste on the road and guide you toward a zero-waste lifestyle filled with eco-friendly products to minimize your impact, all of which can easily fit in a single backpack. The Bag, Tech & Productivity and Other sections of our inventory are all unisex. However, we have divided the Apparel & Accessories and Toiletries & Personal Care categories into either men’s or women’s.

Packing List For The Sustainable Traveller

We’ve researched products, cut through marketing and greenwashing, and tested the most sustainable products we could find to find out what works best while meeting your travel needs.

Also, you will find words that you don’t know. Fair Trade Certified™, which promotes safe working conditions and sustainable livelihoods for employees. BlueSign ® certified factories aim for responsible production through safe chemistry and responsible use of resources such as water and energy to reduce their environmental impact. The Responsible Wool Standard requires the treatment of sheep to meet leading animal welfare standards. And organic … well standards vary around the world, but they generally include practices that cycle resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity.

Science lesson over, we’d also like to point out that you don’t need to buy everything on this list for sustainable travel. If you already have a pair of sneakers that have lasted two years and are still going strong, there’s no need to buy new shoes made from recycled plastics. It will damage the target. Instead, remember our recommendations when you need to buy new gear, and consider every dollar you spend on new sustainable products a vote for the Earth.

We also find that all the products we travel with are highly sustainable (we’re looking at you, tech gear). We tried to find the most environmentally responsible laptops, cell phones, charging cables and more, and we found some interesting eco-friendly alternatives.

Helpful Sustainable Travel Accessories For Your Next Trip

For products like these, we recommend buying durable options that last for years, have stellar warranties, or are the best option on the market right now. And if you think you have better options, we’d love to hear about them.

We’ve partnered with REI to bring you this packing list for sustainable travel. Standards for brands sold at REI, including REI’s own, encourage brands to use materials and processes that meet requirements for certifications such as BlueSign, Fair Trade and Climate Neutral, as well as focus on prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion. .

They also offer REI Co-op members the opportunity to buy and sell used gear with their Re/Supply program, earning an average of 10% back annually on eligible purchases, free shipping and a generous return policy, among other great benefits. Shoppers can also support these great causes with the REI Co-op MasterCard, which donates $2 million annually to the REI Co-operative Action Fund, a community-supported nonprofit organization. And the card itself is made from over 85% recycled materials!

When you’re aiming for sustainable travel, less is more. From the fjords of Norway to the Galapagos Islands to an Alaskan cruise to see the polar ice caps before they melt, these bags will take you anywhere. We focus on sustainable brands and products that use repurposed or recycled materials to create your new gear.

Sustainable Travel Packing Tips

Everything on this list fits into these bags, and some of these bags fit inside others to give you options for different carry modes when you get to your destination. They help you keep your hands free to take a bike tour of Amsterdam or explore the Everglades.

Cotopaxi bags are produced in the Philippines in a factory committed to fair labor and environmentally friendly practices. Choose a Dell Dia colorway and you’ll get a pack identical in form and function, made from recycled nylon and synthetic fabrics left over from other companies’ mass production runs. This pack will handle anything you throw inside and includes mesh dividers and organizers to help you keep track of your gear. The materials aren’t very structured, so it looks a little saggy if it’s not packed. But when are you going to carry an empty travel backpack? Load it up and hit the airport!

A sling is essential for daily jaunts around town, airport transit, and in-flight entertainment. The Osprey Arcane Waist has a comfortable fit, can handle your everyday carry gear, and is made using Bluesign approved materials. It’s not the biggest sling around; It won’t fit your big tablet or Nintendo Switch, but you can store enough stuff inside. Plus, we dig the colorway options! Wear as a sling or waist pack depending on your preference.

Sometimes, a day trip doesn’t require your full travel pack, but more than your sling can handle. See more of the REI Co-op Flash 18 Pack. Not only does it use bluesign® approved recycled nylon, it lays flat and is small enough to fit in your travel backpack. Plus, it has features you’re used to in a regular bag like a daisy chain, sternum strap, and hip belt. It doesn’t pack down as small as a packable daypack, but it fits in most packs and we think the extra features are worth the space.

Business Travel Packing List

When traveling, you don’t need everything you would normally keep in your wallet or purse. The Chums Duckie Wallet fits just what you need and is made from textile materials recycled from rafts. You can carry cash and cards inside, but you have to fold the money first. There’s no room for coins, but you can keep it in your sling, packable daypack, or travel backpack. This thing checks two consistency marks off your list; It’s a minimalist wallet made from durable and recycled materials!

With fast fashion and ethically made clothing! At this wardrobe, we focus on durable, responsibly sourced clothing, as well as items made from organic and recycled materials. You can interchange many of these pieces to create a capsule wardrobe, as sustainable travel begins with how much you pack.

Again, if you already have an outfit you love, don’t rush to buy a new one. We also recommend checking local second-hand stores and online resale sites for similar alternatives—you never know what you’ll find!

To stay organized, a set of packing cubes is a must. In addition to keeping your gear divided and easy to find, some compression cubes save space in your pack, giving you more room for other gear and souvenirs. Thule compression packing cubes use BlueSign® approved 100-denier diamond ripstop nylon, which is sustainably sourced and durable. We like to have a middle ground between the small and large cubes, but it works well for how much gear we can fit in both.

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Start a sustainable party when you pack in these cubes from Cotopaxi. The brand’s Del Dia collection is made from deconstructed nylon and mesh by employees who are given full creative control over color design, so no two are alike. You’ll feel better filling these out because the material would otherwise go to waste, and it’ll be even better when you get to your destination and your clothes are still in one organized place instead of a jumbled mess. You get three sizes in one set, but we only need two for this listing. Despite the edges

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